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CM Hyper T20




  • Buckle installation, easy to install and remove; applies for both Intel and AMD systems.
  • Quick disassembling fan stand, easy to install and disassemble
  • high performance, provide high airflow with low sound
  • Large aluminum fin tower to increase the cooling performance.
  • Direct contact to heat pipes for continuous contact between CPU and cooler



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Product Name Hyper T20
Model RR-T20-20FK-R1
Heatpipes 2
CPU Socket LGA1200, LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA1151, LGA1150, LGA775, AM4, AM3+, AM3, AM2, FM2+, FM2, FM1
Dimensions(L X W X H) 95 x 80 x 117 mm / 3.1 x 2.6 x 3.8 inch
Heat Sink Dimensions(L X W X H) 80 x 40 x 117 mm / 2.6 x 1.3 x 3.8 inch
Heat Sink Material 2 Heat Pipes, Direct Contact, Aluminum Fins
Heat Sink Weight 218g / 0.48lb
Heat Pipe Dimensions Ø6mm
Fan Dimensions(L X W X H) 95.5 x 95.5 x 25 mm / 3.1 x 3.1 x 1 inch
Fan Speed 2000RPM(PW M)±10%
Fan AirFlow 25.9 CFM (Max)
Fan Air Pressure 1.09mmH2O
Fan MTTF 40,000 hours
Fan Noise Level 30 dBA
Fan Bearing Type Rifle Bearing
Fan Power Connector 3-Pins
Fan Rated Voltage 12 VDC
Fan Rated Current 0.16 A
Warranty 2 Year