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CM ARGB LED Controller Gen2




  • 全新Addressable Gen 2 RGB LED 控制器
  • 透過MasterPlus+軟體來調整
  • 多層模式 / 自訂模式
  • 向下相容



Cooler Master has engineered the new Addressable Gen 2 RGB LED Controller granting you the versatility to easily personalize your devices delivered to you in a small compact size. Together with the MasterPlus+ software, customize your Addressable Gen 2 RGB devices with individual LED color choices, lighting modes, and visual effects.


Simple and Compact – No need to hassle with an ARGB capable motherboard or complex software settings when you can easily customize your Gen 2 ARGB devices with our compact Gen 2 ARGB LED controller

Backwards Compatibility – Compatible with both Gen 2 ARGB and standard ARGB devices, connect all your devices with the simple touch of a button

MasterPlus+ software Works with Cooler Master’s MasterPlus+ software for customizable ARGB lighting

Notes :
串聯燈珠數量最大是48(因為有輸出電流限制), 並聯是正常的。
The number of tandem light beads is up to 48 (because there is an output current limit), it is normal.

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Product Name LED Controller A1
Model Number MFY-ACBN-NNUNN-R2
Color Black
Dimensions 84.7 x 51.7 x 15.3mm( 3.3 x 2.0 x 0.6inch)
Connector 3 ports x 3 Pin Addressable RGB
Rated Voltage 5 VDC
Safety Current 2.0 (1 port)/ Total 4.5 A (3 port)
Power Connector SATA Power
Power Safety Current 4.5 A (MAX)
USB Connector Micro USB
Warranty 2 years