Product Warranty


Ramboxs Technology Co., Ltd. (Under said「The company」)Provide consumers with a complete product from the warranty service。Detailed warranty terms and related matters,Please read the following terms in detail,To obtain the most complete protection and service.


Ramboxs Terms of Warranty

  • Product Warranty period shall take effect from the date of purchase. Please also produce a valid warranty label and purchase invoice for the shop at the time of request for maintenance.
  • If you buy the company's agent products in the warranty period, under normal environment use, due to poor processing or raw materials caused by failure, the company will be responsible for the maintenance or replacement of the same products.
  • The products of our company are all attached RAMBoxs (日通科技)Label for the warranty, please be sure that the dealer is attached when buying.
  • If the product is affixed with RAMBoxs Anti-counterfeiting stickers, please do not tear, otherwise the warranty will be invalidated.
  • The company does not provide on-site installation, repair and delivery services.
  • The warranty service of the company applies only to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
  • When you purchase a product beyond the warranty period, the company has the right not to repair or levy product testing fees , Part material fees According to the individual manufacturers to discuss another, For details of the charges, please call our company for enquiries .
  • When you purchase the company's products or maintenance, that is, accept the company's warranty terms.

The above warranty terms will be subject to the following conditions and restrictions.

  • The customer fails to produce valid warranty labels and invoices;
  • The company to protect the identification of labels torn, unable to identify, altered or incomplete;
  • The serial number of the product is inconsistent with the serial number listed in the warranty label.
  • Any part of the product is cracked, rusty, water stain, corrosion, crack, burning, bump, damage, dissolve, incomplete parts and other surface damage;
  • Improper use of products, man-made damage such as impact, scratches and extrusion of trauma, human accidental negligence, the input of inappropriate voltage,Improper installation or testing, damage caused by power problems;
  • Product damage caused by natural disasters, including fire, floods, earthquakes or war;
  • Products of their own disassembly, arbitrary changes in specifications or not the company's original accessories caused by the fault and damage;
  • When you purchase the company's products or maintenance, that is, accept the company's warranty terms.


 Limited Liability Statement

  • Customers are often asked to back up your data, data or photos. such as digital memory cards (Flash Memory card), hard disk (Hard disk Drive) and other storage devices caused by damage to the product of any data, data or photos lost, the company does not bear any responsibility.
  • For any data in the hardware, the company is only responsible for maintenance and testing, and does not provide data rescue and backup services and responsibilities, and the repair process for any factor caused by the loss of data, is not responsible.
  • This product must be used in combination with other equipment that complies with industry standards. The company will not be liable for the warranty damage caused by the equipment of other manufacturers. The company is also not liable for any incidental, consequential damages, loss of profits, business investment and goodwill, or damage caused by loss of data, or damage or failure of other company equipment with this product. Subject to the relevant laws, this limitation clause shall not apply to cases which are unlawful or impossible to enforce.
  • The company for product buyers or other third party due to product defects caused by other inevitable, indirect, incidental loss,For example, loss of profits, loss of business investment, loss of goodwill or obstruction of business relations, and so on, there is no obligation to compensate.
  • The company does not bear the obligation to compensate for the damage or failure of other equipment due to its own products.
  • The company's products are only for general consumer goods, do not use and maintenance of life-related instruments or tools.
  • If the customer takes the mail or The courier way to carry on the product maintenance, the company does not have the responsibility which the loss or the transportation when handles the mistake.
  • To protect customers and their storage devices, the company's maintenance department's staff guidelines and internal codes ensure that all employees are not allowed to divulge or disclose to the third party any data in the customer storage device to protect the data security and personal interests of the customer.
  • The company is not responsible for any leakage or loss of any data in the course of delivery of the product to a third party (e.g. manufacturer).
  • The company strongly recommends that customers send the products to the inspection, clear the storage device of all/sensitive data in order to protect the interests of individuals.


 Maintenance related steps

  • If the goods are not artificially damaged within 7 days from the date of purchase,Customers can rely on the purchase of the store's valid invoices or shipping orders, such as proof,and retain the complete product packaging, according to the terms of the store to replace;
  • If the goods are not artificially damaged after 7 days from the date of purchase,The company is still responsible for the maintenance of the products returned by the consumers.Customers can use the effective warranty label and purchase of the store invoices to the company's customer service center for product repair or replacement.In the warranty period of the product, the consumer does not have to bear the cost of repairing any labor costs and replacement parts.Only when the product is discontinued, the customer can be updated with the price of the product at the same day as the product.


 No return, refund or replacement service

  • When online payment procedures are completed, all products are not subject to return, refund or replacement services. You must carefully check all product data, including product model, specification and price, before ordering.
  • If you have any questions on the product, please call(852) 2386-0928 or email to



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The warranty period for all products is indicated in the website product data

 If there is any dispute, the company reserves the right of final decision and modification of the warranty clause without further notice.